Here at 86 Productions, our main focus is on podcasting. Right now we edit at least 2 shows per week and sometimes 10 shows per week. Our podcast site is located at Section_86. Currently 4 podcasts are active and the shows are on their break.

Here is the a list of the equipment I use for the shows:

Alienware m17xR2 (Final Editing)
Dell Inspiron 6000 (for recording)
Dell XPS m1730 (for Skype recording)
Behringer F-Control Audio FCA202 (firewire audio interface)
Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer
Behringer C-1 Microphone
Behringer HPS3000 Headphones
Behringer Miniamp AMP800 8-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier
Nady SP1 Microphones (8)
Musician’s Gear 5 Pack Windscreens (3)
Mic Stands (2)


We are always looking for more shows for the Section_86 network.  If you have a show  or want to start a show, email “Andrew@section86.com” with the subject line of “Section_86 New Show”. Or you can use the contact us form located here.