Pricing as of 07/01/2015

Audio Recording

For recording your vocals/guitar/bass (up to 5 minutes): $150.00

For computer Repair

My rate per hour for anything not listed: $25.00 per hour.

Installing Open Source OS to Android Phone (Android Hacking): $75.00
Wireless Network (with Encryption) installation: $50.00
Virus/Spyware Removal: $40.00
Software or Hardware installation: $35.00
OS Install or Reinstall with system backup: $175.00
OS Install or Reinstall without system backup: $45.00


For recording your show (up to 60 minutes): $45.00


For recording your show (up to 60 minutes) HD/SD, Complete: $150.00
For recording any thing else, please contact me

Web Design

Design and upkeep on your basic site using WordPress for one year with support (up to 8 Pages): $295.00 (2nd-5th year  $155.00 each year)